Deepika Padukone’s calming morning routine

Jul 10, 2023

Devanshi Batra

Morning routine

Renowned actor Deepika Padukone has mesmerized audiences with her captivating performances on the silver screen. However, beyond her illustrious career, she is a fitness enthusiast and in a recent interview with Tweak India, she offered a glimpse into her calming morning routine.


​First thing she does after opening her eyes

Deepika revealed, “I go back to sleep, I snooze, I try not scrolling or getting into my phone”


​Hot water in the morning

“My first thing is to sort of have hot water in the morning and just get some peace and quiet”, she said.


​Preferred breakfast​

She revealed that her preferred breakfast is sometimes eggs, protein, carbs, and just a really wholesome breakfast.


​10 minutes exercise

“I’d probably do a quick cardio and stretching session, but nothing too sudden because I don’t believe in increasing your heart rate suddenly,” Deepika said.


​Dealing with waking up on wrong side of bed

Revealing her strategy to get back on the track, she said, “I first try and identify what is it that has thrown me off. I try to think through it, rationalise and letting go.”


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​If she had the house to herself…….

In the morning, if she has the house to herself, she enjoys cleaning and pottering around the house”Thats my way of decluttering my mind,” she said.


​Morning skincare

Deepika revealed, “Hydrating my skin and using a sunscreen is something I always did. How it evolved over the period of time is the cleansing thats something I wasn’t regular with in my younger days, but now I realised its importance,”


​Morning skin mantra

“l believe in less is more, it’s important to keep it consistent,”


​One thing she never does……

One thing she never does is not take off her makeup at night and forget wearing a sunscreen before stepping out of the house.


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