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‘Dad not well’: Congress leader Rohan Gupta withdraws candidacy



Rohan Gupta

, Congress national spokesperson, has opted to withdraw his candidacy from the

Ahmedabad East Lok Sabha seat

on Tuesday.
Citing personal reasons, Gupta emphasised that his decision was driven by his

father’s health condition

rather than

political motives

“I fulfilled all responsibilities given to me by the party in the last 15 years.

Even before my candidature was announced, I had begun planning how to contest the elections well. I was never overconfident about winning. It was a difficult decision to drop my candidature. It was my personal decision due to my father’s health condition, not a political one,” said Rohan.
With Gupta’s withdrawal, the political landscape in Ahmedabad East takes an unexpected turn, leaving the Congress party to reevaluate its strategy for the upcoming elections.

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