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Congress like ‘Mahabharata’s Shalyya’: FM Nirmala


Finance Minister

Nirmala Sitharaman

has hit out at the Opposition and Congress, comparing it with Mahabharata’s Shalya. According to Sitharaman, Congress keeps questioning India and Indians’ capabilities, believing that it cannot match China.
In an interview with ET, Sitharaman said that the story of Shalya from the Mahabharata serves as an apt example to illustrate the point.

“Shalya, the maternal uncle of Nakul and Sahadev, joins with the Kauravas. Joins them because of pure deceit. Shri Krishna gets a promise out of him saying you won’t betray us. As a result, you find him being with Karna, as his charioteer, but one who constantly undermines him, irrespective of his achievements. He keeps telling him that he’ll never be able to make it,” she said.
According to the Finance Minister, this example is relevant because the Congress party, despite having governed India, lacks faith in the country and its potential. Even if they believe that Indians are capable of achieving great things, they constantly undermine the nation’s progress, much like Shalya did to Karna, she said.
“I would even go to the extent of saying that even if it believes that Indians are capable of performing, delivering, and achieving for some reason, like Shalya, it constantly keeps saying India can’t reach there or match China,” she said.

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However, while Shalya’s actions were driven by a sense of dharmic obligation, the Congress party’s behavior stems from their intense dislike for Modi, leading them to demoralize the people of India, she said.
Answering a question on the opposition rating issues of rural stress, price rise, and unemployment, she said that the number of startups in India has experienced a significant surge between 2016 and the present day, with nearly 70,000 registered entities. Assuming that each startup employs at least three individuals, the job creation potential is substantial. Moreover, the emergence of over 100 unicorns and several decacorns from these startups further highlights their impact on employment, with each unicorn likely employing more than 30 people, she noted.

Another aspect of the story is the data on startups receiving collateral-free funding across various districts, enabling entrepreneurs to establish their own businesses. These startups are actively creating jobs and contributing to the economy. The real estate sector is also witnessing a boom in metropolitan and tier II cities, which heavily relies on construction workers for its growth, she said.
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The service sector, which now accounts for more than 60% of India’s GDP, is driven by the workforce employed in this domain. New age sectors, such as renewable energy, particularly solar, are thriving and require a significant number of people for establishment and maintenance. The manufacturing of solar panels also generates employment opportunities. Furthermore, the rise of small finance banks, fintech companies, and the development of applications and platforms all contribute to job creation, contrary to the notion of a “magic wand” solution to poverty.
“Outfits of people who are getting these panels together, are they devoid of workers? Look at the number of small finance banks that have come up, new fintech companies, which are bringing out applications and platforms, are they doing it with a magic wand? I am purposely using the word magic wand, the one which

Rahul Gandhi

thinks he is going to use to remove poverty. So, where are these jobs getting counted?,” she asked.

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