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Components of phone camera module & why Apple may be looking at India


iPhone maker


is reportedly in advanced discussions with the

Murugappa Group


Tata Group



Company to assemble — and, possibly, manufacture — sub-components for its iPhone camera modules in India. If the deal works out, the Indian supplier ecosystem will deepen for Apple as it looks to shift more of its operations away from China.
Currently, Apple does not have Indian suppliers for the iPhone’s

camera module


Partnering either with Titan or Murugappa Group may reportedly help address this issue.
Why Titan and Murugappa Group
Both Tata Group-owned Titan and Murugappa Group possess extensive experience in high-precision manufacturing, making them strong contenders for Apple’s partnership. Murugappa Group’s 2022 acquisition of Noida-based camera module maker Moshine Electronics positions them well, potentially enabling them to become an “end-to-end player” in Apple’s India supply chain. Titan, on the other hand, boasts Titan Engineering and Automation, a subsidiary with a proven track record in high-precision component manufacturing across various industries. Titan specialises in precision components manufacturing for its watches and jewellery.

Components of smartphone camera module
A phone camera module is a complex piece of equipment that allows us to take pictures and videos with our phones. It’s made up of several key components:
* Lens: This is what captures the light and focuses it onto the sensor. Camera modules can have multiple lenses, made of plastic or glass, to improve image quality.
* Image sensor: This is the heart of the camera module, it’s like a light detector that converts light into an electrical signal. The quality of the sensor is a major factor in how good your photos and videos will look.

* Infrared filter: This filter blocks infrared light, which can mess up the colours in your photos.
* Digital signal processing (DSP): This chip processes the electrical signal from the sensor and turns it into a digital image.
* Soft board or PCB: This is the printed circuit board that connects all the different components of the camera module together.

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