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China flag in Isro ad: PM Modi blasts DMK, party hits back



PM Modi

‘s criticism on

Tamil Nadu government


newspaper advertisement

allegedly showcasing ‘China rocket picture,’


MP K Kanimozhi came to party’s rescue.
Claiming it to be an human error Kanimozi said, “I don’t know from where the person who did the artwork found this picture.”
“I don’t think India has declared China an enemy country.

I have seen that the Prime Minister has invited the Chinese PM and they have gone to Mahabalipuram. Just because you do not want to accept the truth, you are finding reasons to divert the issue,” DMK MP further added.
Earlier in the day, PM Modi in a veiled reference to the ruling DMK, alleged that though newspapers and TV channels wanted to highlight Centre’s such efforts “the regime here won’t allow them to do so,”

“DMK is a party that does not work but stands ahead to take false credit. These people paste their stickers on our schemes. Now they have crossed the limits, they have pasted China’s sticker to take credit for the ISRO launch pad in Tamil Nadu,” PM Modi said while addressing a gathering in Tirunelveli in Tamil Nadu.
It is notable that DMK MP K Kanimozhi and Tamil Nadu PWD minister EV Velu were on the dais while Prime Minister Modi was slamming Tamil Nadu government

The Prime Minister alleged that the DMK is ‘not ready’ to accept India’s progress in the space sector.
“They are not ready to accept India’s progress in the space sector and with the taxes that you pay, they give advertisements and do not even include a picture of India’s space in them. They did not want to present India’s space success in front of the world, they insulted our scientists, our space sector, and your tax money. Now it’s high time that the DMK is punished for their deeds,” PM Modi said.
Tamil Nadu BJP president K Annamalai also came down heavily on DMK for allegedly using ‘China rocket’ picture in a government sponsored newspaper advertisement promoting the proposed second launch pad of Isro in the state.
He said that the advertisement by DMK minister Anita Radhakrishnan to leading dailies of the state is a manifestation of DMK’s commitment to China and their total disregard for India’s sovereignty. Annamalai further alleged that DMK, fighting high on corruption, has been desperate to paste stickers ever since the announcement of Isro’s second launch pad in Kulasekarapatinam was released.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday inaugurated and laid the foundation stone of multiple development projects worth about Rs 17,300 crore here and castigated the earlier UPA regime for not ‘bothering’ about Tamil Nadu’s progress.

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