Can I eat pani puri on a weight loss diet?

Jul 12, 2023

Jigyasa Kakwani

​Google Doodle celebrates ‘Pani Puri’​

Google is celebrating this beloved street food of India with a special interactive doodle game.


​It will leave you craving!​

Playing this game might leave you craving for this crispy sweet-and-tangy snack. However, you might feel down if you are on a weight-loss diet.


​How many calories are there?​

One golgappa has 36 calories so a full plate of panipuri will have about 216 calories.


​Can I get golgappas on a weight loss diet?​

You can enjoy pani puri as a snack, provided you follow portion control and do not follow it with a heavy dinner. Make sure you do not consume it late at night.


​Choose healthy ingredients​

Choose golgappas made from atta (whole wheat flour) or sooji (semolina) as these have more nutritional value than those made from maida (refined flour).


​What all is in ‘gol gappe ka pani’?​

Prepared using ingredients like mint, cumin, tamarind, dry ginger, fennel seeds, and asafetida, this sweet, spicy and tangy water has multiple benefits.


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​Good for health​

Further, this water is good for digestion, prevents bloating and is also rich in antioxidants.


​Weight loss benefits​

If a poor digestion is hampering your weight loss efforts, drinking this water may help boost your journey.


​Celebrate at home​

If you too want to enjoy pani puri today, prepare it at home so you can make it healthier and enjoy guilt-free with your friends and family.


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