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BTS’ Jungkook returns to Instagram


BTS’s youngest heartthrob, Jungkook, has made a surprising reappearance on Instagram, albeit in a vicarious manner that has sent


into a frenzy once again. After a prolonged absence from the platform,


dropped a bombshell on April 14, revealing through the fan community


that he has launched a new


account – not for himself, but for his beloved companion,



In a post that quickly circulated among fans, Jungkook explained that the purpose of the account, under the handle @bowwow_bam, is to proudly showcase his “baby” to the world. The account, unmistakably managed by Jungkook himself, retains a charmingly personal touch, with the username affectionately acknowledging Jungkook as ‘Bam’s dad’. The bio features a playful play on words with Bam’s name, which translates to ‘night’ in Korean.
In the mere hours since its inception, @bowwow_bam has flooded the feed with seven posts, each capturing Bam in all his adorable glory. From striking model-esque poses to showcasing his impressive athleticism, Bam’s attractiveness leaps off the screen.
The swift rise to fame is evident as Bam’s account swiftly garners a staggering 3 million followers in a matter of hours. Despite his newfound celebrity status, Bam maintains an air of exclusivity by following only seven select accounts, comprising individual Instagram handles of BTS members and the group’s official profile.
As Bam’s online presence continues to soar, one thing is certain – the era of Bam has dawned, and influencers everywhere better watch out for this popular canine as he takes the social media world by storm.

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