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Brijendra was thrown out of ‘Besharam’ for THIS reason


Brijendra Kala

, who is renowned for his character roles, recently shared his experience of being


from the Ranbir Kapoor-starrer ‘


.’ Initially cast to portray a

negative character

, Kala discusses the circumstances leading to his removal from the project.
After already shooting for 10 days, the actor received the news from the makers. Initially excited about working alongside Kapoor Saab (

Rishi Kapoor

) for the first time, he grew concerned upon realizing his absence from song sequences and future scenes.

The makers cited length issues for scrapping his part.

The actor felt disheartened as his role in Besharam was significant, portraying a character with dark shades. He collaborated with director

Abhinav Kashyap

to develop his role but was informed, after shooting for 10 days, that he was no longer part of the film. Despite being scheduled for 20 days of shooting, he was abruptly removed, receiving payment only for the days worked.

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The actor expressed his disappointment about the Besharam character, admitting to having high expectations. He acknowledged that such setbacks are common in the industry but emphasized that it didn’t deter his determination. Despite facing challenges, he remains committed to his craft, striving to excel in every opportunity, despite the limited roles offered to actors like him in major films. He believes that his best performance is yet to come, as he awaits recognition in the industry for his talent and dedication.

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