Blue Dart renames its last mile trucking delivery service as ‘Bharat Dart’

Blue Dart Express Ltd.

, one of India’s top logistics providers and majority owned by

DHL Group

, renamed its last mile trucking delivery service amid speculation that the nation may change its name to “Bharat”.
Blue Dart

will rebrand the service as “Bharat Dart,” according to a stock exchange filing Wednesday. The name change underscores its “unwavering commitment to serving the diverse needs,” it said. The company, which serves 55,000 locations in India, has a special focus on the nation’s smaller cities that had a 37% share of online commerce deliveries in year to last March.
India has been abuzz with speculations of a change of its name to Bharat, after a dinner invite for the Group of 20 nations leaders’ summit over the weekend referred to the head of state as “President of Bharat”. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also used during the summit a name board that said “Bharat” instead of India.

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