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BJP trying to ‘steal a Thackeray’, says Uddhav after MNS chief meets Amit Shah



Shiv Sena

(UBT) leader

Uddhav Thackeray

has accused the BJP of attempting to win elections by “stealing” a “Thackeray,” following a meeting between MNS chief Raj Thackeray and Union home minister Amit Shah.
Speaking in Nanded district,


expressed his indifference towards the BJP potentially aligning with his estranged cousin.
The recent meeting between Raj Thackeray and Amit Shah in the national capital fueled speculations of a BJP-MNS collaboration for the upcoming Lok Sabha polls in Maharashtra.

“BJP knows very well that they don’t get votes in the name of PM

Narendra Modi

in Maharashtra. People vote here in the name of (Bal) Thackeray. This realisation prompted the BJP to try to steal leaders from outside (BJP fold),” he said.

Accusing the BJP of falsely claiming the legacy of Bal Thackeray, Uddhav labeled the BJP’s foundation as “bogus.”
“First, they stole the photo of Bal Thackeray, but it doesn’t matter. Today, they are trying to steal another Thackeray….take it, I and my people are enough,” he said.
During his tour of Nanded and Hingoli districts in Marathwada region, Thackeray, a member of the opposition Maha Vikas Aghadi and INDIA bloc, asserted that even individuals from Christian and Muslim communities support his version of Hindutva. He saod that the Shiv Sena’s reputation was tarnished during its alliance with the BJP, but since severing ties, people from various communities have expressed acceptance of their Hindutva ideology.

“The image of Shiv Sena (undivided) was getting sullied when we were with the BJP. But since we severed ties with them, even members of Christian and Muslim communities are saying that they have no issues with our Hindutva ideology,” he added.
If Raj Thackery joins NDA, he could help the ruling alliance counter the influence of his estranged cousin Uddhav, who heads one faction of the Shiv Sena and is part of Maha Vikas Aghadi – the opposition alliance in the state.
Raj Thackeray had parted ways with the Shiv Sena, when it was undivided, due to his differences with Uddhav and formed MNS. While Raj enjoys a strong following in the state, his party has not made much electoral impact.

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