BJP broke CM pact, its netas now serving others: Uddhav Thackeray

NAGPUR: Addressing a gathering of party workers at Yavatmal on Sunday, Shiv Sena (UBT) chief Uddhav


said if BJP had stuck to its 2019 promise of sharing the chief minister’s post with his party then today the saffron party’s members would not have been ‘busy serving politicians from other parties’.
Thackeray also said that in the future yet again a Shiv Sainik will become CM.

He also took a dig at the election commission (EC). While commenting on the huge crowd at his Yavatmal meeting, he said, “Hopefully, this will open the eyes of the blind EC.”
Thackeray is on a two-day tour of Vidarbha which ends on Monday with a meeting in Nagpur. Later in the evening while addressing office bearers in Digras (Yavatmal), the former CM said, “I swear by

Goddess Pohradevi

that BJP had agreed to share the CM seat for 2.5 years each. If this plan had been implemented back then, both parties would have got a chance to have their CM. But today, BJP’s workers are being forced to serve leaders from other parties.”

Thackeray clarified that he sought the CM post for the Shiv Sena, and not for himself. “I don’t care for the CM’s post. But yes, I wanted it for a Shiv Sainik. And if you keep supporting us then in the future we will again have a CM from our party,” said Thackeray.
He added that BJP is trying to finish off regional parties to emerge as the only national level party. “We support Uniform Civil Code and agree with the one nation, one law concept. But we will never allow a one-nation, one-party which is what BJP wants,” said Thackeray.

The EC too came under fire from Thackeray, who said, “After looking at this huge crowd here, I am convinced that even the eyes of the blind EC would have opened. And even if the EC’s eyes remain closed, they (pointing towards the crowd) can see everything.”

The Digras constituency is represented by Shiv Sena’s Sanjay Rathod who joined the Eknath Shinde camp. Without naming anyone, Thackeray said, “You voted for whoever the party nominated but they have betrayed you. They set a price for your votes. Now you have the weapon of votes, and with it I want you to slay the demon before us.”
Thackeray said governments are now being formed through money power. “Earlier, governments were born from ballot boxes and now, made with suitcases,” he said.
He said assembly speaker

Rahul Narvekar

will have to take a decision regarding disqualification of MLAs by staying within legal boundaries, else the issue will land up at the Supreme Court again.
Uddhav also lashed out at deputy CM Devendra Fadnavis, saying the latter should have focused on Vidarbha farmers last year rather than plotting the fall of MVA.
“Fadnavis used to go for late night meetings wearing hoodies. Instead of plotting my downfall (as CM) in those meetings, Fadnavis should have focussed on Vidarbha farmers,” said Thackeray.
He also questioned PM Modi’s silence on the Manipur unrest. “The situation is extremely bad there but the PM is not even uttering a single word,” said Thackeray.

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