Bihar assembly: BJP creates ruckus; proceedings adjourned

PATNA: Members of opposition Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Wednesday created


inside the

Bihar Vidhan Sabha

by breaking a reporters’ chair and tossing shreds of papers in the air after storming in the well of the House.
They were demanding resignation of deputy CM Tejashwi Yadav on the plea that a “charge-sheeted minister” should not be allowed to sit in the House.
Tejashwi was recently charge-sheeted by the CBI in the land for job case in the railways.
The BJP members, led by the leader of opposition Vijay Kumar Sinha, caused so much noise while remaining in the well that the

speaker Awadh Bihari Choudhary

adjourned the House till 11 am next day.

As soon as the House assembled at 11 am for the day’s business, the leader of opposition Sinha rose in his seat and pleaded that the opposition members have the right to raise issues concerning the state’s people, including the matter of corruption.
Raising objection over the presence of Tejashwi in the House, Sinha argued, “How can a charge-sheeted minister be allowed to remain present inside the house?”
However, the speaker urged all the members to let the question hour run smoothly.

He said other matters can be raised during the zero hour.
The question hour went smoothly for around 30 minutes and some listed short-notice questions of members were taken up.
Questions were also replied by Tejashwi in his capacity as the road construction minister.
The leader of opposition again rose in their seat and alleged that the members of BJP were not being allowed to ask supplementary questions while those from the ruling side were getting the opportunity to ask supplementary questions.
Soon after the opposition members stormed into the well and removed some chairs of the assembly reporters. ignoring the speaker’s repeated warning to maintain discipline in the House, the opposition members created a ruckus and broke one of the chairs of the assembly reporters.
As the BJP members were adamant to create noise inside the house, the speaker adjourned the proceedings till 11 am on Thursday.

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