Bigg Boss fame Adish Vaidya opens up on marrying Revati Lele: We are considering it for sure

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Adish Vaidya and Swamini’s Revati Lele have never shied away from hiding their relationship status. The two often post on Instagram together, talking about their relationship.

It’s been five years since we’ve been together and it’s going great. We are at a stage where everything is sorted. We are deeply and madly in love with each other. “There’s a lot of understanding and it’s going smoothly,” the Naagin 3 actor shares.

Vaidya admits marriage is on the cards for the two. However, he also adds that their tight work schedule is delaying it. “We are both professionally at a good stage. So we are quite occupied. Yes, marriage is on the cards and we are considering it for sure. We are thinking of it, maybe by the end of this year or next. We are not married yet, but we know we are going to spend the rest of our lives together, “Vaidya reveals.”

Vaidya, 29, and Lele, 27, met each other after the former recommended the latter for a TV show. “We got in touch professionally and hit it off instantly.” I remember we just went shopping the first day we met. Then, nok jhok hoti thi humare beech, and for the first six months, we were just hanging out. We were best friends. But we soon realised that there was more than just friendship. We figured love was in the air, because this wasn’t like other friendships. Everything was going smoothly and organically, and then one day I popped the question.

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