bigg boss 16 gautam singh vig says he is hurt as soundarya sharma seeks

Bigg Boss 16: Gautam Singh Vig says he is hurt as Soundarya Sharma seeks

Gautam Singh Vig, who was recently evicted from the ongoing reality show Bigg Boss 16, has said he was hurt to see co-contestant Soundarya Sharma seek validation from Shalin Bhanot. Having grown close to each other on the Salman Khan show, Gautam and Soundarya fell in love on the show. When Gautam was voted out of the show earlier this week, Soundarya even cried as she bid him goodbye. Also read: Tina Datta is furious after learning about Sumbul’s dad’s comments on Bigg Boss 16

In a new interview, Gautam spoke about Soundarya. He said that during his stint inside the Bigg Boss house, he had even told her that she may find many shoulders to cry on but she needs to decide which person she wants to rely upon.

Gautam told ETimes, “I was hurt. Initially, when she discussed with Archana Gautam, I was fine because she was trying to bring expose Tina and Shalin through Soundarya. But I was shocked when she discussed with Shalin.”

Gautam also said that Soundarya must be emotional right now – she is seen wearing his locket and clothes on the show since his exit.

“I was hurt that she spent 50 days with me and she’s an intelligent woman, how can she take validation from Shalin Bhanot about my feelings. Who’s Shalin Bhanot, jisse aap mere feelings ki validation maang rahi hain (from whom you are seeking validation)? I was very hurt and it was very shocking for me. But I trust her and maybe it is part of her game. Once she comes out we will sit together and discuss these things,” Gautam added.

Gautam has been unsure of Soundarya’s intentions ever since he was evicted from Bigg Boss 16. In a recent interview he told India Today that he is eager to carry forward their relationship outside of the show, but a lot depends on how she behaves when he is ‘not there on the show’.


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