Avoid saying these things while arguing

Jul 11, 2023


​“Why can’t you be like him/her?”

Making comparisons to negative traits or people can be hurtful and disrespectful. It detracts from the main issue and can escalate tensions.


​”I don’t care”

Dismissing the other person’s concerns or emotions invalidates their feelings and can intensify the argument. It’s important to show empathy and try to understand their perspective.


​“This is all your fault!”

Blaming the other person entirely for the issue at hand is unlikely to lead to a resolution. It’s more productive to work towards finding a solution together.


​”You’re overreacting”

Minimizing or invalidating someone’s emotions is dismissive and can make them feel unheard or unimportant. Instead, acknowledge their feelings and try to address them constructively.


​“I’m done talking to you… I give up!”

Threatening to withdraw from the conversation or relationship can create further frustration and hinder progress. It’s better to express the need for a break to cool down and resume the discussion later.


​”You’re just trying to win/beat me”

Accusing the other person of having ulterior motives or engaging in a power struggle can undermine the trust and mutual respect necessary for resolving conflicts.


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​“Don’t make such a big fuss”

In a heated argument this phrase can come across as dismissive and invalidating of the other person’s emotions or concerns. It implies that their reaction is unwarranted or exaggerated.


​“You sound crazy!”

It’s important to avoid resorting to personal attacks or using derogatory language. Calling someone “crazy” can be hurtful and dismissive of their thoughts and feelings.


​”I regret being with you”

Making statements that undermine the foundation of the relationship can cause long-lasting emotional damage. It’s crucial to maintain respect and avoid saying such things.


​“I want a divorce!”

While it’s important to express your feelings and concerns, using the statement “I want a divorce!” in the heat of the moment can have serious consequences. This can create fear, insecurity, and further damage the relationship.


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