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Arhaaz advises Arhaan’s friend to choose s*x


Arhaan Khan

, the son of former couple

Arbaaz Khan


Malaika Arora

, has made his debut in the podcasting world with his latest venture titled

Dumb Biryani

. Collaborating with his friends Arush Verma and

Dev Raiyani

, Arhaan is set to unveil a six-part series that promises candid conversations and humorous anecdotes on various topics, especially dating and



The upcoming episode of Dumb Biryani will feature a special guest appearance by Arbaaz Khan and his brother

Sohail Khan

. The teaser for the episode offers a glimpse into the witty banter and amusing revelations that viewers can expect.
The teaser begins with Arhaan asking a playful question, “Why would they call your room the Bermuda Triangle?”


responds with a humorous anecdote, revealing, “I went and I hid in the wardrobe.” Arbaaz Khan adds to the jest, “For whatever reason, this conversation is going into that direction.”

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Sohail Khan further elaborates on his dating escapades, sharing a hilarious incident from his past where he ended up hiding in a wardrobe during a game of

Dark Room

at his ex-girlfriend’s house. The banter continues with Arbaaz sharing a witty remark about their close bond, saying, ‘He said, uncle, but I cannot be there for this marriage. I said, then okay, I’ll come for the next one,’ evoking laughter from the audience.

Amidst the laughter, one of Arhaan’s friends reflects on the complexities of relationships and decision-making, to which Arbaaz humorously advises, “I think you should choose sex.”
Malaika Arora was also amused by their conversation and she responded to the teaser with several laughing emojis in the comment section.

The teaser sets the tone for an entertaining and insightful episode, where the Khan brothers and the young podcast hosts delve into personal experiences, relationship dynamics, and humorous anecdotes.

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