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Arbaaz and Sohail Khan on failed relationships


Many celebrities these days are turning YouTubers and influencers, and the lastest one to join the list is former couple

Malaika Arora

and Arbaaz Khan’s son-

Arhaan Khan

. Arhaan’s new web show is named ‘Dumb Biryani’ and he recently released his first episode featuring his ‘papa’ Arbaaz and ‘Sohail papa’ (his uncle

Sohail Khan

). In the show, Arbaaz and his friends had a candid discussion with

Arbaaz Khan

and Sohail on love, relationships,


and more.

It is noted that both Arbaaz and Sohail have had a

failed marriage

. Arbaaz was earlier married to Malaika Arora from 1998 to 2017 and they have a son Arhaan together; Arbaaz is now married to

Sshura Khan

. Meanwhile, Sohail was married from 1998 to 2022 to Seema Sajdeh and they have two sons named Nirvaan and Yohaan together.

Arhaan Khan

Arbaaz Khan’s son, Arhaan Khan, was a significant presence at his father’s remarriage to Sshura Khan, which occurred on December 24th. Arhaan likely played a notable role in the wedding festivities, reflecting the close bond between father and son during this special occasion.

Talking about why some relationships fail the test of time, Sohail shared that “everything comes with an expiry date”. “Till when it lasts, and till when you’re happy together, keep the relationship going, don’t make it sour. Because that’s when negative feelings about the other person come into you… Everything comes with an expiry. (Whether) You buy a medicine, you buy a chocolate, or you call for food. When you lose excitement in a relationship, amicably move on. Communication is the best thing,” Sohail said.

Meanwhile, talking about relationships and break-ups, Arbaaz spoke about the importance of being a giving partner in relationships. He also spoke about the importance of commitment. “Most people get into relationships wanting to receive. And they forget about what they bring to the table, what they have to offer. Until and unless you’re getting into a relationship to give, there’s no reason why you should be getting into a relationship,” Arbaaz said.

Talking about nikah and commitment, Arbaaz further said, “You sign a paper, saying that you will take care of the person.”
Sharing his relationship advice, he also said that it is important for partners to be able to openly communicate with each other. “If you feel that you can’t tell your partner something because they might judge you, then you have a problem,” Arbaaz shared.

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