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Anu Aggarwal talks about trolls



Anu Aggarwal

, who shot to nationwide fame in the 90s with her debut film ‘


’ opposite Rahul Roy and delivered several hits thereafter, left the industry to pursue a

spiritual path

as a monk. After several years, she has now made a comeback to Bollywood.
In an interview with Bollywood Now, the actress talked about trolls and on how one should focus on what they want to do in their lives.

She said, “You know, the thing is that there is a saying that ‘Log Kya Kahenge’ and we have been hearing this since childhood. Many times mom and dad also say, ‘Oh, what kind of clothes are you wearing? What are you doing? What will people say? So I will say that first of all you have to discharge what people will say? First, think about what I say? Think about this.”
She further said that one should forget about what people will say as people keep saying something all the time. The actress continued, “Now people will keep saying something. And in a positive way people will understand that I am important enough that people are saying something about me. Whether they say good or bad or troll you. Why will they troll you? Until you don’t have something in you that is different. That’s how people troll you. Right? So the thing is, how do you look at things positively? Through my life, through my experience, I have learnt this.”
After getting huge stardom with the film ‘Aashiqui’ in 1990, the actress went on to star in several films like ‘Khal-Naaikaa’, ‘King Uncle’ and ‘Return of Jewel Thief’, which was her last movie. She also worked in Tamil film ‘Thiruda Thiruda’, directed by Mani Ratnam. Her Bollywood career was short-lived as she quit films six years after featuring in a few films.

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