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Anu Aggarwal debunks cosmetic surgery claims


Anu Aggarwal, who shot to fame overnight with the iconic film


in 1990, faced a life-altering incident a few years later when she was involved in a serious

road accident

. The accident left her with major injuries and severe damage to her face. While there were rumours and speculations suggesting that she underwent

cosmetic surgery

to repair her

facial injuries


Anu Aggarwal

has vehemently denied these claims, asserting that her face is entirely natural.

In a recent statement to Bollywood Now, Anu said in Hindi, “Please, I have not undergone any surgeries on my face. This face is 100% natural. And I think that’s the grace of God. I am so grateful for it, and I believe that at the end of the day, where will you stop changing? If you change one thing, another mistake will happen. What’s natural about your look is the best; nothing can be better than that. So when people think about changing this and fixing that, they will first fix their nose, then they’ll think their forehead doesn’t look right because the nose has been fixed. So they’ll fix the forehead, and when the forehead is fixed, then they’ll think about fixing their cheeks. So you know, there is no end.”
Reflecting on the challenges she faced in the

entertainment industry

, Anu recalled a pivotal moment during the filming of Aashiqui when she confronted the issue of


not being suitable for her dusky skin tone.

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“I reached the shooting and they started applying white makeup on my face. I asked, ‘What happened? What’s happening to my face?’ They said, ‘No, ma’am, they do this to everyone because this is what is acceptable.’ I questioned, ‘So, isn’t my color acceptable? So, why did you take me?’ You could have taken a fair girl,” she shared.

Anu continued, “I just brought up and I walked out the set. They said, we don’t have make-up. I’m telling you about late 80s. We don’t have tan skin colour make-up. Because everyone wants to look fair. So, I walked out and then for the first time in the modelling industry, they got tan skin make-up.”
After a hiatus of more than 25 years from the entertainment industry, Anu has chosen to make a comeback.

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