Amid soaring prices, thieves flee with tomatoes worth Rs 2.5L

HASSAN: A farm in Karnataka‘s Hassan was looted of 50-60 bags of tomatoes worth Rs 2.5 lakh on Tuesday night.
The incident was reported from Goni Somanahalli village. Based on the complaint of the woman farmer, identified as Dharini, a case has been registered against the thieves at Halebeedu police station.
“The thieves stole the 50-60 bags of tomatoes and destroyed the remaining standing crop,” Dharani said.
“We incurred huge losses in bean harvest and had taken loans to grow tomatoes. We had a good harvest and, incidentally, prices were also high, besides taking the 50-60 bags of tomatoes, the thieves also destroyed the remaining standing crop,” she added.

A police officer at Halebeedu police station said that it is the first case of tomato theft filed at his police station. Dharani’s son also requested the state government for compensation.
“Her son also requested government for compensation and demanded an investigation. A complaint has been filed at Halebeedu police station. It is the first such case filed of tomato loot at our police station,” said the police officer at Halebeedu police station.

Tomato prices have crossed Rs 100 per kilogram in many parts of the country with many people unable to afford this kitchen essential.

Watch Distressed woman farmer alleges theft of Rs 2.5 lakh worth of tomatoes in Karnataka’s Hassan District

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