All we’re thinking about is winning Ashes 3-2: Stokes

NEW DELHI: Despite suffering a 43-run defeat against Australia in the second


Test at Lord’s on Sunday, England captain

Ben Stokes

asserted that his team would maintain their approach for the remainder of the series, even though they now trail 2-0 in the five-Test series.
Stokes, who showcased an exceptional batting performance during the unsuccessful run chase, along with England coach Brendan McCullum, faced criticism for adhering to their aggressive, unrestrained style of play against the reigning Test champions.

With Australia requiring only a draw to retain the Ashes urn, Stokes and his team have faced scrutiny for their unwavering strategy.

“All we’re thinking about is winning the series 3-2,” Stokes told reporters after scoring a swashbuckling 155.
Stokes suggested that England’s perilous situation plays into their hands in view of the swashbuckling way they have been playing the game since McCullum took over in May 2022.

“It’s very exciting to know that the way in which we are playing our cricket actually couldn’t be more perfect for the situation we find ourselves in – we have to win these three games to get this urn back,” he said.

“We are a team who are obviously willing to put ourselves out there and do things against the narrative. So now these next three games are an even better opportunity for us than we’ve ever found ourselves in before.”
Stokes said the team’s approach boiled down to making every player feel they have the freedom to play their own game, and then to execute that as best they can.
“What we’ve managed to do in the dressing room is give every individual clarity in what they want to do. You’ve got the backing of the whole dressing room to go out there with something in your head that you feel is the best way to take the game on at that given time,” he said.
“I just tell the lads ‘Let’s try to make our execution better'”.
Having said before that the team will not be “results-driven”, he insisted England would be sticking to their mindset.
“We’ll keep on giving every player the best chance to be completely clear in their head about what they want to go out and do,” he said.
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