All about Japan’s rent-a-girlfriend culture

When Cupid is not “meherbaan” on you, that longing to hold a hand and walk down the streets ails us and sometimes even makes us desperate to fall in love. This is when Japan’s


culture steps in and yes it is very much legal and not looked down upon.

Indian Youtuber

Vishnu tried the service in


, which seemed like an interesting experience. Here is all you need to know about the culture.
Companionship is available on a Japanese website as per the requirement which is recognized by the Japanese government. This culture came up when many in Japan started facing loneliness. You can rent friends, partners and family members there.
According to Japan Today, you can rent a girlfriend for 6000 yen per hour for two hours. while first-timers can select their girlfriend at no extra charge, selections after the first date come at an additional cost of 2,000 yen.
The online magazine quoted Shiho, a rental girlfriend who shared that “many men who seek out a rental girlfriend are those who’ve never had a girlfriend or even been out with a girl before, or those who are too busy to have a real partner.

The rules

The company Shiho works with has some strict rules so that there are no issues later on.
Clients cannot contact the

rented girlfriend

Accepting tips and expensive gifts is prohibited.
Would you rent a girlfriend, family or friends when in Japan? You can even go on a sightseeing tour with a rented family there!
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