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Aayush talks about ‘what went wrong’ with Salman


Aayush Sharma

, who is married to Salman Khan’s youngest sister Arpita Khan, made his

film debut

with the 2018 romantic drama Loveyatri, which was produced under Salman Khan Films. He is currently gearing up for his upcoming action film ‘


‘, which is the first time since his debut that the actor has worked with an outside

production house

In an interview with

Bollywood Hungama

, Aayush opened up about his decision to move out of his superstar brother-in-law Salman Khan’s production house and work with newer people.

The actor mentioned that it wasn’t the case, clarifying that it was his house. He added that no actor sticks to just one production house. He humorously remarked that his choices have sparked numerous discussions.
Aayush admitted that many actors tend to work within their comfort zones, collaborating with a specific production house, and sometimes returning to it. However, he stated that his intention was to venture outside and explore different opportunities.
The actor expressed that ‘


‘ was a significant opportunity for him, acknowledging that not everyone could have been given such a project so easily. The action film was released in 2022 but unfortunately didn’t fare well at the box office. Aayush mentioned that collaborating with new individuals at present was a means for him to enhance his skills and develop further.

Elaborating further, Aayush added that he couldn’t continue working solely within the family’s closed set-up, as it would hinder his growth. Hence, it was a deliberate choice to step outside the family and work elsewhere for a while. The actor emphasized that this decision was crucial for his personal growth, self-discovery, and evolution, and to prove his worthiness of being called back into the family fold.

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