Aahana Kumra: Not more taking part in the protagonist’s female friend

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Printed on Sep 22, 2022 12:39 AM IST

Actor Aahana S Kumra is having a look ahead to take in presentations that she will raise on her shoulder

Aahana at Lucknow Riverfront during her recent visit to her hometown.
Aahana at Lucknow Riverfront all the way through her contemporary consult with to her native land.

Actor Aahana S Kumra is having a look ahead to take in presentations that she will raise on her shoulder. “I need to dig into meaty roles. Why must I play the protagonist’s female friend or a personality that isn’t taking the tale ahead? I’ve already finished that, so not more! I feel I’ve the prospective to headline a display. I examined it with the internet sequence Marzi,” Kumra says.

Aahana at the ‘Marine Drive’ in Lucknow with Ambedkar Memorial in the backdrop.
Aahana on the ‘Marine Power’ in Lucknow with Ambedkar Memorial within the backdrop.

Whilst she’s satisfied that presentations with robust ladies protagonists, like Delhi Crime or Maharani, came about, they have been “few and some distance between”. “We nonetheless have [many] sequence with both male protagonist or with a male point of view. I’m really not ok doing it. Nevertheless it’s now not simple to mention no… Additionally, budgets have long gone down [for women artistes], however for a male protagonist, they are going to pay a prime quantity, which isn’t ok. I’ve refused presentations because of this, too,” says The Unintentional Top Minister actor.

The actor savouring tea in her hometown.
The actor savouring tea in her native land.

She urges makers of presentations in response to politics, sports activities or crime, to move with feminine protagonist or antagonist. “For ladies, they generally tend to make party-type presentations, the place the characters are chilling out or busy with relationships… My mom was once a cop, and I will be able to pull off such roles,” says Kumra. She provides, “What occurs with us (feminine actors) is that after we do a challenge, we get gives for similar position in 5 presentations. As an example, when I did a detrimental position in Avrodh 2, everyone seems to be providing me equivalent roles! I’m seeking to take into accout that I don’t repeat characters.”

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