9 Items not to be gifted as per Vastu Shastra

Sep 16, 2023

Resham Sengar

​Pen and handkerchief

As per Vastu, pens and handkerchiefs can cause disharmony in the life of the person receiving these gifts.


​Black clothes

The colour black is associated with Saturn and Rahu. Therefore, gifting black clothes can attract heavy energies of these malefic planets.



Shoes or sandals are symbolic of separation because they mean “to move out”.


Wrist watches

Wall clocks or wrist watch is not in the interest of the person to receive watches as it may stop their progress in life.



Perfumes contain alcohol which is associated with the planet Rahu. Therefore, perfumes are also not an ideal gift.


Leather items

Gifting leather products is inauspicious because they are made from animal skin and carry negative energies.


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Thorny plants

Thorny plants are symbolic of strife. Therefore, they should not be gifted to anyone.


Used clothes

Pre-loved clothes should not be gifted unless they are dry-cleaned or washed before giving away.




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