8 Tips to make your bathroom smell good

​A bad smelling bathroom is a turn-off

By incorporating simple habits in your daily routine, you can make it smell fresh all the time.


Clean it daily

Clean the bathroom daily and deep clean once a week to keep it odour-free.


Ventilate the bathroom

Open the bathroom windows (if you have any) for 15 minutes or so after every use and install an exhaust fan to keep stale air out.


Have plants

Indoor plants generate oxygen and freshness in the bathroom. Keep them in a creative way to make your bathroom look aesthetic.


Scented soaps

Use organic, scented soaps and shower gels. They leave a nice lingering smell.


Use fragranced laundry detergent

Keep some fragranced laundry detergent or fabric softener in your toilet tank. So, whenever the toilet is flushed, it will release the scented detergent to keep it smelling fresh.


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Scented packets really help

Scented sachets are filled with fragranced potpourri mixture. They last for a week or so.


Keep a diffuser

Diffusers are devices that are filled with essential oil mix. They release the scent in the air when put to use, thus, creating a spa-like feel.


Do not keep damp towels

Damp or unwashed towels are another culprit behind bad-smelling bathrooms. Make sure you clean the towels and put them to dry in the sun after every use.


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