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8 refreshing beauty drinks for summer


Apr 11, 2024

Piyali Bhadra

Glow naturally this summer

Summer invites drinking gallons of water which is essential for your skin to be hydrated perfectly. However, to add a sweet and sour mix with hydration, you can add these refreshing beauty drinks to your summer menu.


Coconut water

Coconut water contains high levels of electrolytes which soothes the skin and provides it with a refreshed slap.


Berry smoothie

Berries are summer seasonal fruits and are rich in vitamins A and C which helps to provide your skin with subtle smoothness and nourishment this summer.


Pineapple and orange squash

To keep your skin youthful, and bright, and to maintain your complexion, simply drink fresh water with pineapple and orange squash as it is rich in Vitamin C and also will help lighten the spots and blemishes.


Mint and ginger tea

Mint infused in any drink makes it refreshing, whereas ginger has some amazing healing properties that will prevent your skin from inflammation.


Berry and lemon

Berry and lemon with fresh cold water help eliminate the toxins from your body and provide your skin with a beautiful glow.


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Apple and cinnamon bark

Apple and cinnamon with water help remove the dark spots, acne, and blemishes, and also reduce puffy eyes and dark circle issues.



Buttermilk with mint is a staple in every Indian household as it refreshes the skin instantly, removes tan and dark spots, and protects our skin from sun damage.



Lassi is high in probiotics and thus reduces inflammation improving skin conditions such as psoriasis, acne, and eczema, and contributes to glowing skin.


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