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8 Japanese techniques to be more productive at work


​Maximizing work efficiency

Let’s talk about eight impressive Japanese techniques to enhance productivity at work. Each technique embraces continuous improvement and provides valuable tips for increasing effectiveness and efficiency at the workplace.

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​ Kaizen

Kaizen embraces the practice of making small improvements to your work like finding a faster way to complete a task or organizing your workplace. By continuously looking for ways to improve your work processes, you can immensely increase productivity and quality over time.

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​ Pomodoro technique

It involves dividing your work into intervals of 25 minutes each, and a break after each interval. During each interval, you only have to aim to achieve as much as possible. It maintains your concentration and prevents burnout.

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Kanban is a visual management tool used to organize your work progress. It includes a board with columns with different stages of a process like ‘to-do’, ‘in progress’, or ‘completed’, and cards with tasks mentioned over them. As work progresses, cards are put from one column to the other.

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​ Gemba

Gemba is a Japanese word, meaning ‘the actual place’. This technique is all about going to where the work is taking place to observe and understand the processes closely.

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The concept of mottainai encourages people to be mindful of the value of different resources like time, materials, and talent. This helps people work towards making the most of what they have and reduce the wastage in their lives.

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This is a popular concept, meaning ‘purpose of life’. It involves finding activities that bring you joy, and a sense of fulfilment. It is about living a life that is meaningful to you, and finding satisfaction in what you do every day.

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​ Wabi-sabi

Wabi-sabi is a Japanese idea that finds beauty in imperfection. It promotes the idea of appreciating things that are natural, and simple, and embracing their flaws.

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Shoshin is a Japanese word which means ‘beginner’s mind’. This technique is about approaching life with openness, willingness and promoting the mindset of learning and exploring as if you were a beginner.

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