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6 strange things that may happen during 2024 solar eclipse


NEW DELHI: As the 2024 North American solar eclipse draws near, with totality set to be observed in 15 US states, astrologer Susan Miller and experts shed light on the unusual phenomena that accompany this celestial event. This rare solar dance between the moon and the sun, scheduled for April 8, 2024, promises not only a spectacular view but also a series of curious occurrences both in the sky and on the ground, according to to a Fox News report.

Baily’s Beads: This phenomenon, creating a dazzling “Diamond Ring Effect,” occurs when slivers of sunlight peek through lunar valleys at the edge of the moon’s limb, offering a unique spectacle for those with the right viewing equipment.
2. Altered Animal Behavior: From confused crickets to hooting owls, animals display unusual behaviors as daylight dims, reacting as if night has suddenly fallen. Nasa’s Eclipse Soundscapes Project aims to capture these shifts, especially among crickets, to study the eclipse’s impact on ecosystems.
3. Unusual Shadows: The eclipse casts peculiar shadows, such as crescent-shaped ones beneath trees, as sunlight filters through leaves. Nasa suggests using pinhole projectors to safely view these and other eclipse-induced shadow phenomena.

4. Drop in Temperature: The blocking of the sun can lead to a significant, swift drop in temperature, with some locations experiencing more than a 20-degree decrease, creating an eerie, sudden chill.
5. Sudden Wind: The eclipse can also stir up the wind, changing its speed and direction as the ground cools rapidly, a phenomenon explored in a 2016 study by the University of Reading.
6. Circadian Rhythms: The abrupt transition from day to night and back to day can disrupt the circadian rhythms of both animals and plants, albeit temporarily. Most organisms quickly adjust back to their normal cycles after the eclipse.
Astrologers and scientists alike are gearing up for this astronomical spectacle, reminding viewers to prepare with proper safety eyewear and to remain attentive to the subtle and striking changes the eclipse brings to the natural world. As the countdown to the 2024 eclipse continues, anticipation grows for these eight strange yet fascinating phenomena that promise to make this event a memorable experience.

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