5 worrying signs of prostate cancer

01/6​What is the prostate?​

The prostate is a gland roughly the same size as a walnut. It is found between the penis and the bladder. As part of the male reproductive system, its main function is to produce the fluid that makes semen when mixed with sperm.

When abnormal cells start to grow in an uncontrolled way in the prostate, it can lead to prostate cancer. This may not cause any warning symptoms in the early stages. Symptoms usually start showing when the prostate becomes large enough to impact the urethra. Here are 5 common warning signs of prostate cancer you should not ignore and immediately consult a doctor if you spot any of them.


02/6​Blood in the urine or semen​

Blood in the urine or semen in males can be a sign of prostate cancer. It is important to not ignore it if it happens, and consult your doctor immediately. In case of prostate cancer, the tumor can grow large enough that it begins to press on the urethra, other surrounding glands or blood vessels in and around the male reproductive system. Due to this pressure from the tumor, these structures in the reproductive system can get blocked or irritated. This can cause blood to appear in urine or semen.


03/6​Erectile dysfunction​

Erectile dysfunction can sometimes occur in the advanced stages of prostate cancer. So far, there has been no official report of sexual dysfunction caused directly by prostate cancer. However, if a growing tumor from prostate cancer causes lower urinary tract symptoms, such as prostate hypertrophy, it can impact sexual function negatively. It is important to consult your doctor if you experience sudden onset of erectile dysfunction.


04/6​General tiredness and fatigue​

If you feel that you are more tired than usual, it could be a sign of prostate cancer, especially if it is accompanied by other symptoms of the cancer. Do not panic and consult your doctor for a proper diagnosis.


05/6​Unexplained weight loss​

06/6​Back and limb pain​

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