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5 success tips to learn from Mukesh Ambani


01/6Mukesh Ambani

Born on April 19, 1957, India’s richest person– Mukesh Ambani is the Chairman and Managing Director of Reliance Industries and he often makes the headlines for this professional and personal life. With a net worth of $115.8 billion, Mukesh Ambani is the richest person in India and the ninth richest person in the world, as per Forbes. As he turns a year older today, here we list down some success tips to learn from Mukesh Ambani. Read on to know more.

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02/6Learn from your experience and hardwork

Mukesh Ambani was pursuing his MBA from Stanford University when upon his father, the late Dhirubhai Ambani’s insistence, Mukesh left his studies midway and returned to India to help his father in their business. Mukesh went on the field and learned how to run the business successfully through his experiences at work. This not only shows his strong business acumen but also teaches one that degrees don’t guarantee one’s success in their professional life. However, if one is hardworking, dedicated, and open to learning new skills and things– then it would surely help them be successful in life.


03/6Do not limit your success and have a positive mindset

In an interview with Business Today, Mukesh Ambani shared that a people should not limit their success. Instead, they should be open to new ideas and take up challenges as opportunities to grow. This also reflects in the way Mukesh Ambani has expanded Reliance Industries– from a petrochemical company to one that has now expanded into retail, and digital services. For instance, in another interview, Mukesh Ambani once revealed how he got the idea of starting Jio digital services through his children. When his daughter Isha Ambani was studying for her Masters abroad, she would come home and complain about the poor internet connectivity in India. This inspired Mukesh Ambani to start Jio and their other digital services which are a huge hit among people today.


04/6Value your employees

In an earlier interview for Business Today, Mukesh Ambani was in conversation with Satya Nadella- Microsoft’s CEO wherein he shared his business lessons. Talking about his business advice, Mukesh Ambani had shared that entrepreneurs and business people should always focus and prioritise their employees.

Mukesh Ambani understands the importance of motivated employees in a company’s success. Over the years, they have prioritised their employees’ wellbeing and created positive culture at work– which has helped him build a committed team which is the backbone of Reliance’s success today. Not only this, it is noted that Mukesh Ambani’s close friend from college, Manoj Modi, has been his right-hand man at work for several decades now. And together they have worked to make Reliance Industries what it is today. Over the years, Manoj Modi has not only helped Mukesh Ambani make the right business decisions but also his children Akash, Isha, and Anant when it comes to their business ventures.

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05/6Fulfill your social responsibility

Mukesh Ambani had once said that he follows in his late father Dhirubhai Ambani’s advice of pursuing excellence in life, instead of just making money, as this would inevitably also lead to one’s financial success. This also reflects in the Ambanis’ social service activities– be it through the Reliance Foundation through which they work on various social causes, or Anant Ambani’s ‘Vantara’ which is a non-for-profit venture for wild animals, or how they humbly performed ‘Ann Seva’ before their children’s wedding, or their love culture and the arts promotions.

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06/6Aim high in life

Mukesh Ambani was once asked about his advice which helped Reliance Industries achieve success in the business world, and his reply was to always aim high in life! “To the youth, dream big. Align your passion and purpose in life with a goal. If you focus on the goal, you will overcome all obstacles. If you focus on obstacles, you will never reach your goal,” Mukesh Ambani shared his advice for the youth with Satya Nadella in a conversation for Business Today.


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