5 skills your child needs for success

01/6​​The mantra of raising successful kids​

In a world that is constantly evolving, where technology advances at an unprecedented pace and global connections are stronger than ever, the skills needed for success are transforming. These skills extend far beyond the traditional habits and delve into the realm of leadership and adaptability required for a successful life. Let’s explore the five crucial skills that every child needs to become a future leader.



In a world where technology and environmental changes often outpace what most people can keep up with, the ability to adapt becomes essential. As children learn to stay updated and unlearn outdated approaches, they acquire new skills and knowledge. They also develop the ability to align and realign their strategies as circumstances evolve around them. Introducing the child to the concept of adaptability and mental processes involved in being adaptable at a very young age makes a lot of difference in their adult life. It not only equips them with the skills needed to thrive in an ever-changing world but also nurtures a mind-set that embraces change as an opportunity for growth and leadership.


03/6​​Digital skills​

In the age of digital dominance, proficiency in technology is non-negotiable. Beyond knowing how to use devices, digital skills encompass algorithmic thinking, coding, and digital responsibility. Familiarising children with the inner workings of technology empowers them to interact with machines intelligently. Coding, once a cryptic language, becomes a tool for them to shape their ideas into reality. By fostering digital responsibility, children understand the ethical implications of their digital actions, making them responsible digital leaders.


04/6​​Communication skills​

At the heart of every successful relationship and endeavour lies effective communication. Building a robust foundation in communication equips children with the ability to express their thoughts, ideas, and feelings clearly. Simultaneously, it enables them to comprehend diverse perspectives. This skill serves as the cornerstone for their other abilities. When children can articulate their visions and listen empathetically to others, they become proficient collaborators.


05/6​​Innovation and creativity skills​

Sibi Fakih, child counsellor, lead curriculum development, Kangaroo Kids says, “Fostering innovation and creativity skills among children is essential for their holistic development. Developing skills that nurture logical, analytical, and systemic thinking enables children to tackle complex problems with ingenuity and encourages imaginative thinking among them. Encouraging them to think outside the box and envision novel solutions paves the way for inventive leaders. Innovation is not merely about creating something entirely new, but it is also about combining existing elements in innovative ways.”


06/6​​Management and leadership skills​

Developing management and leadership skills among children is crucial for their personal growth and future success. By nurturing qualities like empathy, emotional management, and conflict resolution, parents teach their children to understand others’ feelings, handle their own emotions carefully, and equip them to solve problems effectively. Collaboration encourages teamwork, while goal setting helps children to develop a sense of direction and purpose. These skills not only foster self-awareness but also enable children to lead with compassion and determination, setting them on a path to become successful and empathetic leaders in the future.

The takeaway
As children embark on their journey to becoming future leaders, it is crucial to recognise that these skills are not isolated components but interconnected facets of a holistic approach to leadership. The ability to manage and lead effectively relies on adaptability, just as innovation thrives on clear communication. Parents and teachers play a pivotal role in inculcating these skills in children from a young age.


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