​5 guilts working moms need to let go of

01/6​”A woman should not be defined by any one role in her life”: Supreme Court

Women often go on a guilt trip when they have to choose between their work and children, more often than not, it is not society but they themselves who go on a loop of self-criticism when faced with this choice. While motherhood brings a lot of joy to women, working and excelling in one’s career also gives them immense satisfaction. The judgment that follows her choice to handle both duties needs to be done away with. Even the Supreme Court of India recently came up with a handbook to combat gender stereotypes, replacing terms that have a negative connotation, for an example, career woman was replaced with just woman. It shows that a woman should not be defined by any one role in her life, instead, she should be seen as a whole person. It is a step in the right direction. There are other guilts also that they need to let go of.


02/6​Moms may feel guilty for needing to prioritize work at times

Sometimes that promotion or project might be more important than your child’s upcoming test, and women feel guilty and bad about themselves for prioritizing their careers. It is okay to give importance to work if you have some deadlines to meet. The dissatisfaction that will follow after performing poorly at your workplace might also affect your personal life. So, it is important that you are mentally present at any role you are performing at the moment.


03/6​Comparison with stay-at-home moms

One of the most prevalent sources of guilt for working moms is the time spent away from their children. Balancing work commitments with family time can be challenging, and moms may feel guilty for missing out on important moments and not being there for their children during the day.

Some working moms may compare themselves to stay-at-home moms and feel guilty for not being able to provide the same level of constant care and attention. This can create a sense of inadequacy.

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04/6​Indulging in hobbies/activities that give them personal satisfaction

Taking time for self-care or pursuing personal interests can also trigger guilt for some working moms. They may feel that any time spent away from their family should be dedicated solely to their children. Women were not born mothers, and they had other pursuits that they enjoyed doing. Being a mother doesn’t mean she should change her hobbies and center it all around her family.


05/6​Meeting with societal expectations

Society often places high expectations on women to be both successful in their careers, and dedicated mothers and working moms often bear a significant share of household and parenting responsibilities. Struggling to meet these expectations can lead to feelings of guilt and self-doubt. Feeling like they are not doing enough on the home front or not spending enough time with their children can lead to guilt.


06/6​Missing milestones

“If I work, I’ll miss important milestones in the lives of my children”. Working mothers often face the dilemma of whether their career is worth the important milestones they might miss in their children’s lives, such as first steps or words, due to work commitments. This can result in regret and guilt. Well, you can’t have it all, but this doesn’t mean you will have nothing. With time, you can learn to balance both work and family and be present for other fruitful moments.


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