NEW DELHI: In his first public address after the three nation tour, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Thursday that the whole world is looking at India with great expectations and the country has become a ray of hope for all when it comes to strengthening the economy and fighting poverty.
Participating virtually in the flagging off ceremony of Dehradun-Delhi Vande

Bharat Express

, Modi said, “I have just returned from a trip to three countries a few hours ago. Today the whole world is looking at India with great expectations. The way Indians have strengthened our economy, the way we are fighting poverty, it has instilled the confidence of the whole world in us. ” He said the world also was impressed by the manner in which India succeeded in meeting the challenge of the corona while many major countries continue to grapple with it.
“We launched the world’slargest vaccination campaign. Today India is being discussed all over the world. People from across the world want to come to India to see and understand India,” the PM further said.
Alleging that the earlier governments for a long time never understood the need for modernising infrastructure, Modi said the focus of those parties was on scams and corruption, and they were confined to nepotism.

He claimed the previous governments made lofty claims regarding high speed trains in India, but nothing much happened. Highlighting the faster pace of electrification of railway network, Modi said only one-third of the rail network had been electrified till 2014. “In such a situation, it was impossible to even think of running a fast train. We started all-round work to transform the


after 2014. On the one hand, we started implementing the dream of the country’s first high speed train, on the other hand, we started preparing the whole country for semi-high speed trains,” the Prime Minister said.
PM Modi

said now more than 90% of the country’s railway network and the pace of development in every sector will continue. “. . the country is not going to stop now as it has now gathered its momentum. The whole country is moving ahead at the speed of Vande Bharat and will continue to move ahead,” he said.

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