PATNA: With the help of her boyfriend and aunt, a 13-year-old girl in

Bihar’s Vaishali district

murdered her own younger sister, just because the nine-year old girl had seen her elder sister making intimate relationships with her lover and the older one feared the younger might reveal to their parents.
The mystery behind recovery of the body of the younger nine-year old girl, a class-IV student, from a field behind her home was revealed on Tuesday after police, based on the technical and scientific investigation, picked up the elder sister and her 18-year old boyfriend and cross-examined both of them, the Vaishali SP Ravi Ranjan Kumar told TOI on Wednesday.
During interrogation, the elder sister and her boyfriend revealed to police that they killed the nine-year-old girl mainly because they feared the younger one might reveal their love affairs to her parents who were not at home when the murder committed.
After murder they concealed her body in a box inside the home but after three days when the body began emitting foul smell, they dumped it into a nearby field but not before burning the deceased’s face with acid so that the body could not be recognised.

Police said the younger sister was murdered on May 15, a day after she saw her elder sister with her boyfriend.
On the day, the girls’ parents had gone to a relative’s village to participate in a wedding ceremony.
After murder, the duo concealed the body in a box inside the house.
When their parents return home, they find their younger daughter missing.
They went to the nearby Jandaha police station and the police registered a missing report which was later converted into a murder case after the recovery of the nine-year old’s body from a field behind the girl’s home on May 19.
As the parents reported the matter to police and the body began emitting a foul smell, the duo, with the help of the girl’s aunt, dumped the body in the nearby field in the late evening of July 18, but not before burning the body’s face with acid.
Police got information about the body on July 19 and recovered it from the field.
After recovery of the body, police constituted a special investigation team (SIT) headed by the Mahua deputy SP.
After four-days of technical surveillance and scientific investigation, police zeroed in on the girl’s elder sister and her boyfriend.
The girl’s aunt was also arrested on the charges of helping the duo in the crime.
The Vaishali SP said the elder sister, her boyfriend and her 32-year old aunt Chanda Devi accepted their involvement in the crime. Trio have now been forwarded to judicial custody on the charges of gruesome murder, the SP told TOI.

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