2022 g 20 bali summit live updates xi warns of taiwan red line biden reiterates support for us one china policy

2022 G-20 Bali summit live updates: Xi warns of Taiwan ‘red line’, Biden reiterates support for US ‘One China’ policy

US President Joe Biden shakes hands with Chinese President Xi Jinping before their meeting on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Indonesia. (AP)

G-20 Bali summit live updates, November 14: US President Joe Biden Monday reiterated America’s support for ‘One China’ policy, saying that he doesn’t see an “imminent attempt” from Beijing to invade Taiwan. President Biden made the remarks meeting Chinese President Xi Jinping in person for the first time since he took office nearly two years ago, aiming to “manage” differences between the superpowers as they compete for global influence amid increasing economic and security tensions.

Xi and Biden greeted each other with a handshake at a luxury resort hotel in Indonesia, where they are attending the Group of 20 summit of large economies, before they sat down for what was expected to be a conversation lasting several hours. President Xi Jinping told  President Joe Biden that the Taiwan question was the “very core of China’s core interests” and the “first red line” in bilateral ties that must not be crossed. “The Taiwan question is at the very core of China’s core interests, the bedrock of the political foundation of China-U.S. relations, and the first red line that must not be crossed in China-U.S. relations,” Xi was quoted as saying in a readout published by Xinhua news agency.

The Group of 20 members begin talks on the Indonesian resort island Tuesday under the hopeful theme of “recover together, recover stronger.” The Bali summit is set to be attended by US President Joe Biden, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, French President Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Chinese President Xi Jinping. Russian President Vladimir Putin is not attending the summit and has sent his country’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov instead.

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Biden reiterates support for US ‘One China’ policy, doesn’t see ‘imminent attempt’ from Beijing to invade Taiwan; PM Modi leaves for Bali. Follow this space for latest updates.

Ukraine war, tensions with China loom over big Bali summit

A showdown between Presidents Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin isn’t happening, but the fallout from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and growing tensions between China and the West will be at the fore when leaders of the world’s biggest economies gather in tropical Bali this week.

The Group of 20 members begin talks on the Indonesian resort island Tuesday under the hopeful theme of “recover together, recover stronger.” While Putin is staying away, Biden will meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping and get to know new British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Italy’s Giorgia Meloni.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday said he will hold extensive discussions with G20 leaders in Bali on key challenges such as reviving global growth, ensuring food and energy security and addressing issues relating to health and digital transformation. A day before PM Modi left for the summit, Foreign Secretary Vinay Kwatra underlined Sunday the key challenges that will discussed by world leaders at the summit, including the “ongoing conflict” in Ukraine and “its knock-on effect, such as food security challenges, energy crisis and inflation”. Indonesia is the current chair of the G-20, and India will formally assume the role from December 1 this year. Indonesia President Joko Widodo will hand over G20 Presidency to India at the closing ceremony of the Bali summit.

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