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2 Gujarat women fall prey to cheats over ovarian egg donation


AHMEDABAD: A case of “

biological fraud

” surfaced in Gujarat, with two young


employed at a hospital in Sabarkantha filing a complaint that they were cheated by an agent who promised payment of Rs 20,000 each in exchange for the donation of their ovarian eggs.
As per the complaint lodged with the 181 Abhayam women helpline, the women – aged 20 and 21 – agreed to the offer in a bid to earn quick cash, as their current monthly salary of Rs 15,000 was insufficient to cover living expenses in the city.

They underwent the procedure to extract their ova twice at a facility in Chhattisgarh without necessary paperwork, said Falguni Patel, coordinator for Abhayam in Ahmedabad.
However, the agent – a woman who contacted the duo two months ago – never paid the promised amount. The agent disappeared and didn’t respond to their attempts to contact her. “The agent’s boyfriend also got involved and he allegedly threatened the duo of dire consequences if they continued to pursue the matter,” said an Abhayam counsellor.

Helpline officials raised concerns about the potential misuse of the extracted ovarian eggs, suggesting they could be used for infertility treatments such as IVF. Despite stringent

surrogacy laws

, impoverished women could fall victim to biological frauds, experts said, while highlighting the need for a thorough investigation to determine the legality of the procedures involved.

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