2 cubs born, Sariska tiger count hits a high of 30 in 3 decades

JAIPUR: The tiger population at


hit its highest mark in three decades at 30, with the birth of two cubs. The cubs were born to ST-19 and the trio was captured on camera in the buffer zone of the park near Alwar on July 6.
According to the forest department, the cubs appear to be three months old. The father of these cubs is male tiger ST-18.
CM Ashok Gehlot took to Twitter to express his delight. “New life in the forest. The good news of the birth of two cubs was received from Sariska. …The government is committed to the conservation of tigers,” he tweeted.
These cubs are the second litter of the tigress, which is nearly five years old.

RN Meena

, field director of


, said, “The conservation efforts have started yielding results, and big cats are making homes in different parts of the reserve. New inviolate areas have been created for big cats by shifting villages and adding buffer areas in the tiger reserve. In the recent past, four villages have been shifted. The area where the tigress gave birth was incorporated into the reserve in 2012”. The reserve is spread across 1,281 square kilometre area and is divided into six ranges.

Experts claim that the park can easily house 42-45 big cats. According to the guidelines of the

National Tiger Conservation Authority

(NTCA), the Rajasthan government had notified 881.1sqkm area as critical tiger habitat in 2007.
“Currently there are 26 villages in the critical tiger habitat that need to be relocated and that are said to be violating the tiger habitat norms,” said an expert.

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