10 things dirtier than a toilet bowl​

​​Chopping and cutting boards​

In comparison to a toilet seat, the average cutting board has 200 times more faecal bacteria. Your knife leaves a few tiny grooves in the cutting board, which are perfect places for germs to settle in.


​​Kitchen taps​

The bacteria on your kitchen tap handles may be 44 times higher than on your toilet seat. Yuck! Clean and disinfect the handles on your washbasin and tap once a week.



Bacterial growth frequently contaminates purses. The handles are a breeding ground for microorganisms from everything your hands have touched today.


​​Remote control​

The design and crannies under the buttons provide the perfect habitat for bacteria. Regularly, the remote should be cleaned with a sanitising wipe.



Be cautious when using your toothbrush and toothbrush holder. Despite the holder, the moisture from the toothbrush’s humidity can encourage the growth of bacteria, mould, yeast, and fungi.


​​Coffee machine​

The wet, dark areas of your coffee maker can support the growth of dangerous bacteria, mould, and mildew.Make sure to clean the machine as frequently as necessary based on usage.


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​​Supermarket bags​

Reusable supermarket bags are great for the environment, but studies have shown that they can also carry and spread diseases, viruses and E. coli.



The reason dishcloths and sponges are dirtier than any other item in the typical home is that they aren’t changed as frequently as they should be, which leads to them harbouring the most E. coli and other faecal bacteria.


​​Mobile phones​

More bacteria can be found on your cell phone than on most toilet seats. If you take your phone into the bathroom with you, it could pick up faecal bacteria along.



Keyboards and laptops are touched frequently and can harbour a lot a bacterias in them. Don’t forget to clean the keyboard with an electronic safe wipe.


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