​10 phrases kids should hear more often​

Sep 7, 2023


Why is it important?

The more kids hear these phrases, the more they are likely to understand it and use it in their daily life. Encourage kids to imitate these phrases from you:

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“I love you”

Expressing love and affection helps children feel secure and valued.

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“I’m proud of you”

Acknowledging their efforts and achievements boosts their self-confidence.

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“You can do it”

Encouraging them to try new things and tackle challenges builds resilience.

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“Thank you”

Teaching gratitude reinforces good manners and empathy.

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“I believe in you”

Letting them know you have confidence in their abilities fosters self-belief.

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“You’re important to me”

Assuring them of their significance in your life strengthens your bond.

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“I’m here for you”

Offering support in times of difficulty assures them they’re not alone.

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“What do you think?”

Encouraging their opinions and ideas fosters critical thinking and independence.

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“I’m listening”

Showing genuine interest in their thoughts and feelings promotes open communication.

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“I’m sorry, I was wrong”

Demonstrating humility and accountability sets a positive example for handling mistakes.

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