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​10 habits parents need to STOP doing right now ​


Mar 16, 2023

Maitree Baral

​Name calling​

Do not give funny names to others and joke about them before kids.

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​Overly bossy​

Do not be bossy with your kid, be their friend instead.

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​Over protective​

It is normal to be protective about kids, but it is not okay to limit their abilities because of that.

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​Bad manners​

Habits like nail biting, nose picking and others which we often ask kids not to do should also be not done when they are present around.

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​Ignoring them​

Kids love attention and maybe this is how they grow and learn things. Be a good listener when you are around kids.

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​Not appreciating them​

Few words of appreciation work wonders for kids. Do not hesitate to appreciate them when they do something good.

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We all know gossip has no standards and regulations. So we need to be careful while gossiping when kids are there.

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​Using slangs​

Adults casually use slang often. But it is very important not to do so before kids as they can pick up those words quickly.

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​Talking ill about teachers​

Kids should always respect their teachers, which means you need to do that too!

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​Disrespecting each other in house​

While casually you may pass a joke or two on each other in the house, but stop doing that in front of the kid.

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