10 fascinating facts about O.Henry

​Prolific American author

William Sydney Porter, the literary world commemorates the prolific American author, better known by his pen name, O. Henry. His tales of wit, irony, and unexpected twists have captured the hearts of readers for generations. Let’s dive in and find some interesting facts about him on his 161st birth anniversary.


​A twist of fate

O. Henry’s life was filled with dramatic twists. Born in Greensboro, North Carolina, in 1862, he had a turbulent early life, including working as a pharmacist, draftsman, and as a bank teller, before becoming a prolific writer.


​Origins of his pen name

William Sydney Porter adopted the pen name “O. Henry”, however the origins of the name remains a mystery. While there are various theories about its origin, including ties to a pet monkey named Henry, the true source of the name remains unknown.


​Early brush with the law

O. Henry was accused of embezzlement during his employment at a Bank. Although he maintained his innocence, he fled to Central America to avoid trial. Later, he spent three years in prison, where he continued to write.


​A prolific wordsmith

During his short life, O. Henry penned over 600 short stories, making him one of the most prolific American writers of his time. His tales often explored themes of love, deception, and the human condition, leaving a mark in the world of literature.


​Iconic writing style

O. Henry’s writing style is characterized by its witty wordplay, clever plot twists, and surprise endings. His stories, such as “The Gift of the Magi” and “The Ransom of Red Chief,” continue to captivate readers with their timeless charm.


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​The Gift of the Magi

This is one of O. Henry’s most celebrated stories, is a heartwarming tale of love and self-sacrifice. Published in 1905, it continues to touch the hearts of readers worldwide with its poignant message.


​O. Henry awards

In honor of his contribution to the world of short fiction, the O. Henry Awards were established in 1919. These prestigious awards celebrate outstanding short stories published in American and Canadian magazines each year.


​Iconic twist endings

O. Henry’s touch of surprise endings was so profound that his name has become synonymous with such conclusions. The term “O. Henry style ending” is often used to describe a twist ending that takes the reader by surprise.


Short-lived but powerful

William Porter lived a short life span. His pen name lived on an even shorter one, spanning for just 8 years. He began his literary career as his pen name in 1902 from New York.


​Lasting impact

O. Henry’s influence on the short story genre is immeasurable. His works have inspired countless writers and filmmakers, and his impact on the art of storytelling endures to this day.


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